Bonus Bets for Horse Racing

If you are new to the sports betting business, it is safe to assume you might not be familiar with horse racing. This is because most punters are familiar with betting on soccer, tennis, basketball and ice hockey. However, you can make serious money on horse racing if you take your time to study this sport. Once you know the secrets of horse racing, you will be able to place winning bets most of the time. Below are some things you should know when you place bets on horse racing.

Bet on Winners
Most punters go with the winners because these bets offer decent odds. You can bet on a particular horse to win the race and if this happens, you make money from your bet. In case you consider this form of betting risky, you can reduce your risk by betting on certain horses to finish within the first three positions. This is a safe approach and you are likely to win the bet. Note that the odds for this bet might be lower but you can increase your stake to get a higher profit margin.

Bet on Losers
Horse racing is not all about betting on winners. If you have a strong feeling that a certain horse will finish last in the race, you can bet on losers. This is a smart move because the odds are quite good and you can make good money.

Bonus Bets
Many bookmakers offer bonus bets for horse racing and you can take advantage of this concession when you sign up. In some cases, the bonus bet might be a sign up bonus. In other cases, it could be “matching bets”. For instance, you register and fund our account with 50 dollars. The bookmaker might offer you another 50 dollars as a sign up bonus. The thing is that you cannot withdraw the bonus. You have to stake with it and you can only benefit from the bonus when you hit a winning bet. For instance, you funded you account with 50 dollars. You get another 50 as a bonus. That means you have an account balance of 100 dollars. Now, you stake with the 100 dollars on 9.5 odds (for example). If the bet goes in your favor, it means your initial capital of just 50 dollars has yielded 950 dollars.

Bonus bets are great ways to maximum your profits. However, some bonus bets come with terms and conditions. Read the small print before you place your bet. This way, you do not violate the terms and conditions.